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Gone are the days when the only way to enjoy Sports was Live TV. There is now a clear demand from digital-addicted audiences for new ways to enjoy Live Sports, and for a more immersive real time experience in the life of their favorite clubs and athletes. Sports Rights Holders are keen to capture this new audience, increase their fans engagement, and make the most out of it.
But do they have the right tool to be able to innovate with new Live experiences, and to produce, publish and monetize larger amounts of meaningful and attractive content?
In fact, there is an enormous gap between manual professional video editorial processes and the split-second pace of social media and mobile consumption. Clips from last night’s game will be lost or never viewed nor valued.


  • Offer a breakthrough mobile experience for soccer
  • Develop a versatile platform for the aggregation and distribution of video content enriched by data from other sources (web, videos, social networks, open databases, etc ...)


  • An automated platform allowing to clip, tag & mobile-push highlights in real-time with an optimized editorial effort : automatic key moment detection, automatic entity/character detection, automatic topic
  • A highlight-reel generation tool, allowing to create, within seconds, unlimited end-of-game and end-of-day summarie

Results & Benefit

First commercial success thanks to the partnership between Wildmoka and BeIN Sport

  • Few secons from Live to fan - average time between action in game to video seen by end-user
  • 350 matches processed to date, up to 10 in parallel
  • 50.000+ clips generated & pushed to end users - 200 per game