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Television is undergoing a revolution, moving from the TV screen to multiple screens. Today’s user watches TV and, at the same time, browses the web on a tablet, sends SMS, posts comments on social networks, searches for complementary information on the program, etc.
Facing this situation, NexGenTV was thought to offer new solutions for a media that is now outdated.


  • Offer an innovative watcher TV experience on mobile during political and news debates
  • Develop a versatile platform for the aggregation and distribution of video content enriched by data from other sources (web, videos, social networks, open databases, etc ...)


  • An automated platform allowing to clip, tag & mobile-push highlights in real-time with an optimized editorial effort : automatic key moment detection, automatic entity/character detection, automatic topic detection...
  • A mobile application providing video content enriched by electoral promises, associated video originating from a panel of related TV programs, additionnal information like news, character description
  • Depth statistics for comparing visual presence and spoken time, visualizing twitter activity and key moment clips related, analysing popularity of participants thanks to automatic sentiments detection.


(Version Fr)

(Version En)

(Version Fr sans voix)